Wry & Dry

But what now?

Let W&D give you the whisper.  Well, three whispers:

1.  This is not the GFC - major financial institutions are not at risk, not even Deutsche Bank, the current bank-in-the-gunsight.

2.  W&D cannot see Australia going into recession.  Growth ain't crisp - but it's moving along enough to gently lower the unemployment rate.

3.  It's too late to sell.  Had you been a typical share-market investor (mostly in banks, Telstra, etc, you know: all those safe, big-yielding stocks), you should have done that nine months ago.  Smarter investors took a more defensive approach.

So, sit back and enjoy the cricket (Australia is playing New Ziland).

And, lads, remember Valentine's Day on Sunday.  Because if you don't, expect a localised massacre.