Wry & Dry


Last words...

"If we had an interconnector with NSW we wouldn't be dealing with the issues we're facing today." 

-  South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill, whose government has been in power for 15 years, trying to explain away further electricity blackout in his state.

Err, correct.  If only... you didn't have hot days.  Or if only... you had a smaller population.  Or if only... you had nuclear fission (not fusion) power.  Or, really, state the obvious, if only... you didn't have a policy that relied on wind power for much of your generation capacity.

First Samuel client events calendar



Charity Event

Eat Street

This is Melbourne's most amazing food and wine fest.  All the proceeds of the event go to a charity.

Sofitel, Collins Street.

Invitations upcoming.


Art Series

NGV Winter Exhibition - First Samuel Private Viewing

NGV Van Gogh 2Van Gogh and the Seasons

This will be a cocktail party followed by a private viewing.  Strictly clients only. 

(We are not sure if Van Gogh's 'Self Portrait' - above - will be exhibited)

NGV, St Kilda Road.

Invitations upcoming.


Education Series

Annual Forum

This is our annual 'food for the brain' event.  Guest speaker to be confirmed.

Leonda, Hawthorn

Invitations upcoming.

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

David Martinez, 25, was shot in the stomach during a brawl in New York City in December. He had inadvertently initiated the chaos when, trying to park in Manhattan's East Village just after Saturday midnight, he moved an orange traffic cone that had obviously been placed to reserve the parking space.

He apparently failed to realize that the parking spot was in front of the clubhouse of Hells Angels, whose members happened to take notice.  And offence.

(CTV News)

Never leave behind...

Woodstock, Vermont, police arrested a 28-year-old man for bank robbery in January, with a key piece of evidence coming to their attention when a disapproving Vermonter noted a paper coffee cup not in its proper recycling bin.

The cup held the robber's holdup note and DNA. 

(Valley News)

The passing parade

A 46-year-old man was arrested in December after an evening at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and charged with leaving a server a non-monetary "tip".

The tip was a Valium pill.

(Morning Call)


Have a wry and dry weekend