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Trump trumped as Cruz cruises

W&D heard a massive sigh of relief from world leaders when they heard that the Trumpster didn't win the first electoral contest.  The Republican voters in Iowa (electing about 1% of the voters who will attend the Republican National Convention) gave the thumbs down to the man with the undetectable hairpiece.

And then those same world leaders heard that Ted Cruz had won.  Oh, dear.    

Ted Cruz is a Bible-thumping, right-wing Senator from Texas.  He is a brilliant debater and speaker.  However, he has often allowed his rhetoric to rise above reason e.g. "I want to carpet-bomb the Islamic State and make the desert glow."  He is perhaps the smartest of all presidential candidates.  Which is perhaps one of the reasons why he is detested by both sides of Congress.

And his wife is even sharper: she's a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and has a Harvard MBA.  But there are issues... 

Clearly, Mr Cruz' conservative view struck a chord with the Iowanese voters.  And his tactics seemed to get up the Trumpster's nose...

Trump dummy

...with Trump claiming that he, the Trumpster, had been defrauded by Cruz during the campaign.  W&D predicts that this tussle will get worse...    

...thereby allowing Marco Rubio in to slip to the lead.  Rubio is much less Ivy League than Cruz but only a little more moderate than Cruz on social issues.  W&D notes that his wife, Jeanette, is a former bank teller and Miami Dolphins cheerleader - which will cause much gossip.  We are in for an interesting few months.

Oh, and someone called Clinton narrowly won the Democrat vote.