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From the mouth of...

"The reason for the redundancies... was to make sure those people could stay in their jobs.”

-       Clive Palmer, sole owner of Queensland Nickel, on ABC' Lateline, Wednesday night.

Well, W&D is glad he's got that sorted.

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

W&D has previously reported that US 2014 Powerball winner Marie Holmes was rapidly running through her winnings by bailing her boyfriend out of jail: alleged drug dealer Lamar 'Hot Sauce' McDow.  Marie had already tied up a mere $9 million on bail for two arrests.

What could possibly go wrong...  Well, in January, Hot Sauce was arrested again for violating his bail conditions.  Marie felt compelled to fork out another $12 million (as bail basically doubles with each violation).

(Fox News)

Marie will get about 90% back, if Hot Sauce ever shows up in court.

Things to worry about

Saudi Arabia has shown its compassion.  And commuted the death sentence on a poet to an eight year prison term + 800 lashes.

(PEN International)

The poet, Ashraf Fayadh, was charged with 'atheism and spreading some destructive thoughts into society'.

What's in a name...

Some time ago, the Indian car maker Tata Motors (which makes Jaguar and Land Rover cars) decided to launch and heavily promote a new micro car.  And it was called 'Zica' (derided from 'zippy car'.

And then along has come a mosquito borne and now infection virus.  And it is called 'Zika'.

The homophone problem is too big.  And so Tata will change the car's name.

(UK Guardian)



Have a wry and dry weekend



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