Wry & Dry

With a quill in one hand and a glass of Moët in the other...

With a quill in one hand and a glass of Moët in the other, Wry & Dry pens this Christmas epistle with a mixture of nostalgia and optimism.  And just a touch of irreverence.

W&D's bumper Christmas edition wouldn't be what it is without one or two political highs and lows of 2016.  

The year started off in a manner that W&D thought would be sterile.  In the US it was a wooden Clinton versus the least boring of Rubico or Cruz.  In the UK is was the tedious Cameron.  And, of course, the amazing but oh so soporific Angela Merkel.

But then, along comes The Trumpster: every cartoonist's delight.

Image result for image trump cartoons 2016

But Hillary wasn't far behind.  Nor her husband...

Image result for cartoon hillary clinton

 Meanwhile, across the Pond, there was a vote in that sceptre'd isle:

Image result for cartoon brexit

 ...and in Turkey, there was an attempted coup that was ruthlessly crushed.

Image result for cartoon erdogan turkey

And in Australia. Malcolm Turnbull, narrowly won the federal election, which, but for some political bastardry by One Nation preferences in Queensland and monumental incompetence by Eric Abetz' team in Tasmania, would have been won comfortably.

Image result for cartoon turnbullAnd still in the southern hemisphere...

Image result for cartoon brazil olympicsBut, in the end, the year belonged to just one person...

 Image result for cartoon john key resignation

..who left on his own terms, having achieved so much. 

Funny, how such a little country could produce such a political legend. But, then again, it shouldn't be surprising as there is one sport at which they are world leaders...

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