Wry & Dry

US Presidential sack-race gets serious. Sort of.

The US Presidential election-race is designed for TV ratings.  It lasts a long time, it has national drama and has a certain end date.  Not to mention the emergence of, well, nutzos.  W&D thought that a Sarah Palin wouldn't reappear.  Ever.  But, here we are eight years later and we have the human hair-piece, Donald Trump.  Good grief.

Readers will know that the selection by The People of POTUS (President Of The United States) doesn't happen until January 2017, when the Electoral College meets to rubber stamp the outcome of the election held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.  This year being a year divisible by four.  

So there are nine months to go.  And we have already had the faux battles within each of the two major parties, the Republicans (sort of like the right wing Liberals) and the Democrats (sort of like the left wing Labor), as the two front runners Trump and Clinton, seek the nomination of each respective party.

What now happens, more-or-less, after all of the television debates and media blitzing, is that each US state holds what are called a 'Primary' (by the way, this is not part of the US constitooshun, but rather has evolved over the years).  Which is the election of delegates to each party's National Convention.  The candidate with the most delegates wins that party's nomination.  

The first Primary is on Mon-1-Feb, in Iowa.  This Primary elects about 1% of delegates for each party, but because it is the first Primary, it attracts considerable interest.  The process goes on.  An on.  And on.  And finishes in June.  And then each party has its Convention in July.  And then the two main candidates fight it out for another four months.

Having said all of that...polling for the Republican Iowa Primary has Trump the leader, with 30% of delegates' votes, Cruz next with 26% and Rubio third with 11%.  For the Democrats, it is Clinton 48% then Sanders on 43%.

Sigh, only nine more months to go.