Wry & Dry


Last words...

"Celebrities should shut up about politics...  A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble."

  -  Mark Wahlberg, American actor.

Oh, really?

First Samuel client events calendar



Charity Event

Eat Street

This is Melbourne's most amazing food and wine fest.  All the proceeds of the event go to a charity.

Sofitel, Collins Street.

Invitations upcoming.


Art Series

NGV Winter Exhibition - First Samuel Private Viewing

NGV Van Gogh 2Van Gogh and the Seasons

This will be a cocktail party followed by a private viewing.  Strictly clients only. 

(We are not sure if Van Gogh's 'Self Portrait' - above - will be exhibited)

NGV, St Kilda Road.

Invitations upcoming.


Education Series

Annual Forum

This is our annual 'food for the brain' event.  Guest speaker to be confirmed.

Leonda, Hawthorn

Invitations upcoming.

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

Allen Johnson Sr., of Meriden, Connecticutt, was driving a tractor-trailer up Interstate 89 near Williston, Vermont, on November 2nd, at 63 mph, when, said state police, he apparently tried to stand up in the cab in order to change pants.  The rig rolled over.

Johnson registered .209 blood-alcohol.

(WVIT-TV West Hartford)  

Bonus: it was 9.30am.

The wrong arm of the law

Almost all law enforcement agencies in America use the Scott Reagent Field test when they discover powder that looks like cocaine, but the several agencies that have actually conducted tests for "false positives" say they happen up to half the time.

In October, the latest victims (husband-and-wife truck drivers with spotless records and Pentagon clearances) were finally released after 75 days in jail awaiting trial... for possession of baking soda that tested "positive" three times by Arkansas troopers (but, eventually, "negative" by a state crime lab).

(KUTV Salt Lake City)

Why do police love the test? It costs $2. 


San Diego police officer Christine Garcia, who identifies as transgender, was turned away in November as she attempted to enter the Transgender Day of Remembrance at the city's LGBT Community Center.

The reason? Because organizers thought the sight of a police uniform might upset some people. 

(Los Angeles Times)

Bonus: Garcia herself was one of the event's organizers.


Have a wry and dry weekend