Wry & Dry

Wry & Dry on vacation

2015 was even more red than 2014, but that's the Doppler Effect for you.  My thanks to my team at First Samuel for their support, much needed editing each Friday morning and mostly needed criticism.  W&D now needs a break.  There's family, cricket and a trip to The Land of The Caesars.

So your inbox will now be spared the Friday insertion of cynical wealth management views until Fri-29-Jan-16. 

In the meantime, whichever child of Abraham you are, may Christ's message of peace and love be with you and your family over the festive season and throughout 2016.

-       Anthony Starkins

[1]  Having said that, First Samuel's share portfolio clients are about 2.5% ahead of the share index FY to date.  And with a portfolio that has a higher yield, higher expected EPS growth and much lower P/E.

[2]  Every Star Wars movie opens with the crawl ,'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

[3]  Vidkum Quisling was a Norwegian politician who collaborated with the Nazis so that he could rule the collaborationist government himself.  Quisling is more generally used to describe a traitor.