Wry & Dry

Tycoons in mid-air

W&D wonders when wannabee US President business tycoon Donald Trump will realise that his race is already over.  This is rather like Wile E Coyote [1] running off the cliff and being suspended in mid air until he realises that he has run off the cliff and will soon drop, stone-like, to the bottom of the canyon.  Because the rest of the world certainly sees Mr Trump as suspended in mid air, just waiting for the realisation that there is nothing beneath him but hot air.    

Trump's latest outburst, to ban all Muslims from entering the US, is as idiotic as it is impractical.  And W&D has noticed that, in protest, HM Queen Elizabeth has taken to wearing a hijab instead of a crown. 

HM Queen

People in the UK have taken to wearing a hijab in protest at Donald Trump

Australia's earlier experience with the well upholstered Clive Palmer should be enough of a warning to Americans.  Palmer owned a political party, bought its compliant but single-digit-IQ candidates, decided and directed its policy and reduced the Senate to a farce.  And the bullying and bluster that made him a lot of money now seems to becoming unstuck.  His own House seat (Fairfax, in Queensland, which he won by a mere 53 votes) will certainly send him to Centrelink at the next election; his resources empire (Queensland Nickel, Australian Resources, Waratah Coal) is running out of cash; and his eponymous Palmer Coolum Resort is closed after he turned it into a dinosaur-themed park.

W&D is not suggesting that Mr Trump's business empire will similarly fold - Mr Trump at least knows the first rule of successful businesses: employ people smarter than yourself.  But the parallels of lunar thinking between Mr Trump and Mr Palmer are striking.  If Australia had direct elections for the head of government, W&D has no doubt that Mr Palmer would have spent squillions trying to get the job.