Wry & Dry

"There were two flies crawling up the wall..."

If W&D's annual gambling bill is close to $0 and many other Australians behave similarly, then some people are gambling away a great deal of their net worth.

Australians, already the world's biggest gamblers, are hitting a new record in 2015 as A$1,000 is lost by every man, woman and child every year.



In the 12 months through September, Australians frittered away A$24.1 billion on gambling. That's an increase of 6% from a year earlier, more than double the expansion of the overall economy, which grew a below-average 2.5% over the same period.

-       Anthony Starkins

[1]  Wile E. Coyote was the hapless cartoon character in the Bugs Bunny Show who innovatively, persistently but unsuccessfully chased The Road Runner.