Wry & Dry

Napoleon Turnbull's ambush

Wry & Dry was probably not Robinson Crusoe in thinking that, by and large, Napoleon Turnbull could go into the Christmas season sleeping well at night.

Of course exiled ex-PM Abbott would continue to vent his spleen, notwithstanding a 54/46 Coalition lead in the Newspoll, surrounded and encouraged by his band of loyal ex-ministers whose collective competence would suggest a long stint of retraining at a TAFE if they didn't have the sinecure of a seat in parliament.  Hell hath no fury like an MP scorned.  But the court of public opinion sentenced Abbott long before his colleagues did.  And so Abbott can be ignored.

Of course Mal Brough would stuff things up, it's just a matter of waiting until after parliament rises (as it has now done).  Then he will either fall on his sword or he will be pushed onto any available sword.  So Brough can be ignored.

Of course the Senate cross-benchers (Lambie, Lazarus, Muir, etc) will surprise on the downside.  How can it be otherwise with an average IQ in the single digits?  And the superannuation governance set-back can be revisited in February.

But, whoa.  Hang on!  What's this, a National Party ambush?


Most political defections are a surprise [1].   And this was no exception.

A dumped Liberal minister has defected to the Nationals?  Ex-Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane has turned his coat from Liberal blue to National (dark) green.  To the delight of Labor and the Gnats.  The Gnats, who would still use pounds, shillings and pence if given the chance and who collectively detest Turnbull, have executed a shrewd and totally surprising move of skulduggerous excellence.   The additional MP gives the Gnats the right to another government ministry, which will probably mean Macfarlane (a somewhat self-interested and archetypal agrarian-socialist) returns to the ministry!

So much for a Sleep Well Turnbull.