Wry & Dry


Last words...

"At all material times I was innocent.''

-   Senator Rod Culleton, (One Nation), commenting about a court case at which he pleaded guilty, at a media conference concerning his election to the Senate being referred to the High Court (sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns).  

Arguably, one of the most delightful media conferences ever given.  They don't make movies like this any more.

FY-17 CIO Investment Dinner Series

Dennison Hambling: "Investing for the next three years"

Following a strong FY-16, over 30% of clients' share portfolios have now been 'refreshed.'  

Hear how and why at one of a series of intimate client dinners with investment presentations by Dennison Hambling, First Samuel's Chief Investment Officer.

Invitations have been sent to clients.  We have been overwhelmed by the response from clients.  We have already held events in Brisbane and Sydney; and four in Melbourne.

Waiting lists are now in place for all remaining events.


Donovans, St Kilda Beach (lunch)



Donovans, St Kilda Beach



Centenove, Kew





Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

Luckily, thought Jamie Richardson of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, she had medical insurance for her 7-year-old Akita, who had torn a ligament in a hind leg.

But it turned out that the policy, written by Canada's largest pet insurer Petsecure, did not cover dog injuries from "jumping, running, slipping, tripping, or playing".  

Pretty much injuries caused by "being a dog."

After Richardson protested, Petsecure relented but, it said, only because Richardson had been a longtime customer.

(Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) 

Seems like insurance companies are the same the world over.

Awesome numbers

The US Justice Department revealed in an October court filing that former National Security Agency contractor Harold Martin III, 51, had stolen at least 500,000,000 pages of "sensitive government files," bit by bit over two decades. 

(Wall Street Journal)

How does no one notice, for years, and anyway, how many total pages of "sensitive government files" are there? 

Leading economic indicators

In October (as in supposedly every previous October since the 13th century), some British official arrived at the Royal Courts of Justice in London and paid rent to the Queen for use of two properties.

The rent being "a knife, an axe, six oversized horseshoes, and 61 nails."

No one knows exactly where these two pieces of land are, apparently, but one is in Shropshire County, and the other near the Royal Courts.

(Atlas Obscura) 

W&D presume that the medieval Bunnings was supplier to previous tenants. 

Have a wry and dry weekend