Wry & Dry

Clinton measuring the curtains?

Wry & Dry readers will be pleased to know that there are only 369 sleeps before the next US presidential election.   And, prompted by yesterday's Republican candidates' debate, this week W&D leads with its occasional view on this most tiresome of election processes.  

Republican candidates

It strains credulity to imagine that the world's largest, most advanced, etc, nation might elect Donald Trump as President.  Still, in a country where 92% of the population believe in God and yet 67% believe in their daily horoscopes, anything is possible.

Of compelling interest is that Ben Carson, the #2 Republican candidate and a retired paediatric surgeon, is a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  What an election advantage he has: the Seventh-Day Adventist Church believes that humanity's 'end of days' is imminent.  

And so, Mr Carson doesn't have to worry about climate change as an election issue.

W&D's tip remains Marco Rubio, the Florida Senator.

Democrat candidates

Shut the book.  Hillary Clinton has this wrapped up. And after winning the nomination, she will move from the political left to the centre.  And if either Trump or Carson are the enemy, Bill Clinton will once again be sleeping in the White House.  Although, with...oh, never mind.


"Whaaat," W&D hears readers exclaim.  Well, the point is that many far-right wing commentators hate Ms Clinton so much, they badly underestimate the reality of her broad popularity.  In a battle with a far-right candidate, 'demography' is destiny.  That destiny is wrapped up for Ms Clinton, with African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, the young and single women queuing up.  

And Trump and Carson will have nowhere to go.  Which is why, if they are smart, the Republicans will go for Marco Rubio. And yesterday's debate rout of most of his rivals, especially Jeb Bush (who makes Tony Abbott look positively charismatic - no easy task), should now put him as front runner.