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Banker's astounding claim. Lehman remembered. Short-sighted stupidity.

Wry & Dry is back in Global HQ.  And the spring rain is tumbling down in Melbourne like it's London in winter, spring, summer or autumn.  

Still it's good for the crops.  But perhaps not this much.  Mrs W&D is now planting rice.  And W&D is waiting for the first bleat from the bush for financial aid from we-the-taxpayer for flood relief.

It's a contrast to come back to Australia after the chaos of Hong Kong, the order of Zurich, the innovation of Toulouse, the character of London and the certainty of Singapore.

Where else would a leading stockbroker take investment advice from a self-described 'professional intuitive and energy healer', who used astrological charts to determine successful stocks?*

Ice skater and wallWhat happens when stockbrokers take investment advice from an astrologist

Perhaps in Germany, where goalkeeper Marco Kwiotek was arrested by police earlier this week after SV Volderort's record-breaking defeat to local rivals PSV Oberhausen: 43-0.  No explanation for the arrest was given.  Hello.

Speaking of no explanation...in this week's Russian parliamentary election, Tsar Vlad's party won almost 54% of the 450 seats in the Duma.  And on a voter turnout of just 45%.  That's not quite a mandate.  But what the heck, whatever Tsar Vlad wants to do, he does.  The Duma just wags its tail.

But wait, there's more.  Reports are of plans to create a powerful new Russian Ministry of State Security (MGB). This would merge (a) the Federal Security Service (FSB), the KGB’s main successor agency, with (b) the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), which handles espionage abroad, and (c) the Federal Guard Service (FSO), which is responsible for protecting government officials.

The reorganisation would return the security services to the centralised form of the old KGB.   Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.**

Perhaps Tsar Vlad should focus on this problem...

Russias budget

Some two weeks ago, W&D wrote of a portmanteau, a word used to describe two words joined together to create a third word that captures the essence of the first two.  Smog or brunch are obvious examples.  W&D pointed to Brexit as the most widely used portmanteau.

Well, W&D was wrong.  Unbeknowns to W&D there is a more widespread portmanteau.  It seems that amongst folk who don't know what a portmanteau is, there exists an unusual portmanteau: Brangelina.  

W&D is not close to the celebrity of celebrities, but apparently someone called Brad married someone called Angelina.  And they became famous as a 'power-couple'.  W&D would call this a power-portmanteau.  Now Brad and Angelina are splitting.

Clearly, the world needs another power-portmanteau.  W&D ponders...

Tutin 2Trutin?

And in later this week: there was an astounding claim by a bank's CEO; the short-sighted stupidity of the government of the People's Socialist Republic of Victoria; September is a notable anniversary month, so W&D considers the fiscal shambles that was Lehman Brothers and the first call for a United States of Europe; and a couple of final Singapore Slings, as it were.

Elsewhere, Follow The Money updates the odds on the US presidential race.  And both candidates lost ground.  Weird.   

And, of course, Miscellany, to soothe your troubled mind.

Next week, W&D will be published on Thursday, as Friday in a public holiday in Victoria.  Yes, the government of the People's Socialist Republic declared the eve of the Australian Football League's Cup Final is a public holiday.  

Wait for Lenin's birthday to be similarly celebrated.

*Nevine Rottinger was engaged by Glenn Rosewall, CEO of failed stockbroker BBY.  She told him the way to improve the share price of troubled South African coal explorer Firestone Energy, in which BBY had invested vast sums, was through visualisation and incantation, the NSW Supreme Court has heard.

The visualisation and incantation didn't work.  BBY went into liquidation.

**The more things change, the more they stay the same.