Wry & Dry

Napoleon Turnbull takes the baton

Meanwhile, Napoleon Turnbull took office as Australia's new Prime Minister.  The media seemed pleased with his Cabinet and Ministerial changes (most of the dead-wood out and smarter, younger folk in, including a much needed shot of oestrogen).  And the possibility of world peace.  Well, that's what it seemed like to W&D.  Consumer confidence leapt by 8.7 percentage points and Newspoll showed that the Coalition's polling leapt to 51/49 from 45/55.  

But Mr Turnbull is not the saviour.  Nor a demi-god.  And humility is not the first word W&D would use to describe him.  Watch out for the photo opportunities.  

And he will stumble.

However, unlike his narrow predecessor, he has surrounded himself with capable people (well, mostly).  To W&D's mind the key appointment is not that of Morrison, O'Dwyer or Frydenberg.  But of Arthur Sinodinos to Cabinet as Cabinet Secretary.  As W&D said last week, the issue is not gay-marriage, superannuation tax or wind farms, but good government.  Sinodinos is an experienced and wise hand - he will ensure that matters are managed in a sensible and measured way.  Going will be the 'Captain's Pick' process that was an earmark of Mr Abbott's tenure.  

But, sadly for W&D, also going will be Mr Abbott's budgie smugglers.  Sob.

And speaking of people going, going... is Palmer United Party going?  Has the well upholstered Mr Palmer's party passed its apogee?  Little noticed was PUP's showing in Saturday's Canning by-election.  It won a miserable 3% of the vote, compared to the 16.5% it won in last year's Senate election re-run.