Wry & Dry


Last words...

“I have two words for you: I’m back, but not alone.” 

-  Senator Pauline Hanson, in her second maiden speech to parliament.

Good luck anyone trying to explain to her the new superannuation non-concessional multi-year contribution limits.

First Samuel client events calendar

Oct & Nov  FY-17 CIO Investment Dinner Series

Dennison Hambling

"Investing for the next three years"

Over 30% of clients' share portfolios have now been 'refreshed.'  

Hear how and why at one of a series of intimate client dinners with investment presentations by Dennison Hambling, First Samuel's Chief Investment Officer

Various restaurants in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula. Invitations have been sent.

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

Unclear on the concept

Third-grade teacher Tracy Rosner filed a lawsuit against the county school board in Miami, Florida, in July, claiming to be the victim of race and national origin discrimination, because she doesn't speak Spanish.

She had been turned down for a job that required teaching Spanish.

(Miami Herald)

Rosner said "non-Hispanics" like her are a minority among Miami schoolteachers and therefore affirmative-action-style accommodations should have been made for her.

Misunderstandings I

"Mr. L," 31, a Chinese tourist visiting Dulmen, Germany, in July, went to a police station to report his stolen wallet but signed the wrong form and was logged in as requesting asylum, setting off a bureaucratic nightmare that left him confined for 12 days at a migrant hostel before the error was rectified.

(The Guardian, London)

Misunderstandings II

In August at a hospital in Shenyang, China, "Wang," 29, awaiting his wife's childbirth, was reported to have allowed a nurse to wave him into a room for anaesthesia and... haemorrhoid surgery.  The procedure took 40 minutes.

The hospital quickly offered to pay a settlement.  But insisted that, no matter his purpose at the hospital, he in fact had haemorrhoids, and they were removed.


Have a wry and dry weekend