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"Politicians who complain about the press are like sailors who complain about the sea.”

- Enoch Powell, mercurial former minister in the UK Macmillan government.

A W&D reflection following Tony Abbott’s complaints about the Canberra press gallery.

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Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

In June, W&D mentioned a drug dealer in Marseille, France, who was distributing loyalty cards to his best customers (fill 10 squares, get a discount).

Well, this business model is becoming well known. In August, a small-time cannabis dealer in the central France town of Villeurbanne pushed the envelope further by taping 1-gram samples to hand-delivered leaflets. He offered home delivery for 100-euro orders, along with his first name and phone number.

Sadly, he delivered a leaflet, with a sample, to the letterbox of the local police superintendent.

(The Local – Paris)

Things to worry about

The president of the University of New Hampshire publicly complained in July about the “bias-free language guide” posted on the university’s website; because, he said, it denounces use of such words as “Americans” (as insensitive to South Americans), “seniors” (better, “people of advanced age”), “rich” (should be, “person of material wealth”), and “poor” (change to, “person who lacks advantages that others have”).

(WMUR-TV Manchester)

W&D enjoyed one state senator mocking suggestion to change the state’s “Live Free or Die” motto to “Live Free But Upset No One.”

Right place, right time

Shane Peters’s cherished 2004 Dodge Durango broke down on the road in Livingston, Texas, but before he could return to tow it away, a thief beat him to it, and hauled it away.

About a month later, Peters spotted the familiar Durango in town and with the help of police got it back; with (courtesy of the thief) a newly-repaired drive shaft and three new wheels.  And the thief’s drug supply, but police seized that.

(KHOU-TV Houston)

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