Wry & Dry

Abbott down at CentreLink.

In one of W&D’s more prescient comments, Malcolm Turnbull’s coming to the PM’ship of Australia was predicted over 12 months ago.

What is more amazing is that it took that long for the Liberal Party bozos in Canberra to realise “Houston, we have a prarblem.”

Abbott was a good Opposition Leader, because he did what Opposition Leaders are supposed to do – win the election. But he, and many of his colleagues, put that victory down to the success of Abbott and his two-policy campaign rather than the monumental incompetence of Rudd and Gillard.

That perspective should have been clear with the way we-the-taxpayer voted in the Senate: trusting anybody but Liberal, Labor or the Greens (hence the rise of such exemplars of political idiocy as Clive Palmer’s party).

But this wasn’t clear to Abbott and many of his cabinet of 18 men + one woman. Until last Monday. 
And so now Australia has a new PM. Who, to W&D’s mind, has many characteristics of another vertically challenged leader, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon is remembered for his policy failures (e.g. trying to invade Russia in winter [1]). What is often forgotten is his amazingly structural reform and effective running of government in France.

And that is Turnbull’s main objective, to W&D’s mind: to run an effective government. It is not about gay marriage, media-rules or superannuation tax rates.

We have endured the chronological incongruity of government Amateur Hour lasting eight years. All W&D wants is effective government. Good things will follow from that.