Wry & Dry

United Kingdom

The business mood in the UK is much the same as the US: just do it.  London is booming and the shops are full (of shoppers, not unwanted goods).  A strong and centre-ground-occupying government has given amazing confidence to the economy.

Just as US politics is dominated by just two issues (when will Donald Trump finally self-destruct and when will Hillary Clinton finally realise that more voters hate her than not), so too is political UK.

Firstly, how long will it take for the UK Labour members (who decide who leads the parliamentary party) to realise that electing Jeremy Corbin, the extreme left-wing and expected new Leader of HM Opposition (result on Sat-12-Sep), was not a sensible idea.

Secondly, in the face of tens of thousands of refugees pouring into continental Europe, how will PM Cameron manage the upcoming referendum on UK's membership of the EU? 

But both issues are currently subsumed by Her Majesty the Queen becoming the longest reigning UK monarch, surpassing the seemingly forever grumpy Queen Victoria.  But not too many to whom W&D spoke will once again feel a thrill in invoking, once more, the prayer and the Anthem, 'God Save the King' [3].  The Poms will wish to quickly move past Chuck & Camilla and look forward to Will & Kate.