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From the mouth of...

"The Queen is a steward of the monarchy.  She’s not as rich as everyone thinks she is.”

-       Sally Befell Smith, author of 'Elizabeth the Queen', commenting on a Bloomberg article that noted that HM's personal wealth is about US$425m.  

W&D calculates that’s a mere 3% of the wealth of the richest Pom, Gerald Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster. Europe’s richest woman, Liliane Bettencourt, has a $32b fortune.

In a predictable rush of feature articles on HM becoming the UK's longest serving monarch, Bloomberg, as W&D would expect, focussed just on her wealth.

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Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

Unclear on the concept

An alternative medicine conference has ended in chaos in Germany after dozens of delegates took a LSD-like drug and started suffering from hallucinations.

Broadcaster NDR described the 29 men and women “staggering around, rolling in a meadow, talking gibberish and suffering severe cramps”.

(UK Independent)

Bonus: More than 150 medical staff, ambulances and police descended on the scene and took the raving delegates to hospital.

Wrong place, wrong time

Late one night in July, police in Phoenix, Arizona were chasing a speeding truck whose driver eventually lost control and careened into a house.

As officers were checking the house for victims (it turned out no one was home), they discovered a large quantity of marijuana and other drugs.  And waited for the residents to come home.


The courts at work

The Michigan, USA, legislature and the state Court of Appeals have, for some reason, given its “concealed-carry” gun licensees the additional right of “open-carrying" weapons on school grounds.

However, recently, an 'open-carry' parent was denied access to his child's school, as he was... openly carrying a weapon.

The parent sued the school.

In August, a judge in Genesee County upheld the parent's right to openly carry a firearm into the school.

(Detroit Free Press)

W&D was pondering the stupidity of this (in addition to the stupidity of the right to carry firearms).  And the question on the minds of every school principal: “If I see someone walking into the school with a gun, do I assume that he is merely exercising his constitutional rights and it's all okay.  Or do I assume that he is a nutter about to massacre 20 kids and so declare a lock-down and call the police?

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