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UK Labour Party imploding

Readers will recall that the UK Labour Party is having a leadership vote.

This follows the Brexit vote and a sense within the parliamentary ranks that the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, wasn't strong in advocating for the Remain vote.  So the parliamentary party voted no confidence in Mr Corbyn.

So, does Mr Corbyn resign?  Nuh.  He likes the job.  And he cannot be kicked out of his role until the entire membership of the UK Labour party votes.

Some 640,500 people are eligible to vote in the Labour contest.   By paying a  one-off £25 fee anyone can become a registered supporter and be eligible to vote in the leadership election.

So what tens of thousands of anti-Labour people have done is tipped the dosh in the Labour Party's coffers just so they can vote for the leader who has the least chance of winning a national election.

Corbyn 2

What will happen?

In spite of single digit popularity ratings across the whole UK electorate and his parliamentary party voting against him, Mr Corbyn looks like comfortably winning the ballot of 640,500 Labour Party members.

Mr Corbyn is leading his rival, Owen Smith, by 62% to 38%, according to the first published poll of those entitled to vote in the election. Last year Mr Corbyn secured a 59% share of the vote.

Mr Corbyn is being heavily backed by registered supporters and newer members as well as most union affiliates.

Mr Smith has the support of longstanding party members. 

So, when the ballot result is announced on 24th September, W&D expects Mr Corbyn to win.

And soon thereafter, the Labor party will split between the extreme left-wing faction (Mr Corbyn) and centrist faction (essentially the rest of the parliamentary party).

Teresa May, the new Conservative PM, must be laughing.