Wry & Dry


From the mouth of...

"He doesn't want to get up in the middle of the night to meet Kevin Rudd at the airport."

-       Un-named colleague of Trade Minister Andrew Robb, scotching rumours that Robb might accept an offer to succeed Kim Beasley as Australian ambassador to the US.

Never mind any other time of day.

Calendar of events for 2015 for First Samuel Clients

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Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

Colt Christopher decided to use the services of a prostitute (illegal in Kentucky, USA, from whence Colt comes).  But she stole his wallet and phone.  Colt's next step was:

a.  Forget it;

b.  Forget it, but cancel the credits cards and phone;

c.  Go to the local church and pray for the woman; or

d.  Go to the woman's apartment, beat on her door and yell that he is really a police officer and unless she gives him his wallet and phone back he will arrest her.

Close.  But no cigar.  The correct answer is d.  Colt's yelling caused neighbours to call the (real) police who came and arrested him.  Impersonating a police officer, menacing conduct, disorderly conduct and intoxication.


Bonus: He didn't get his wallet and phone back.  Wrong address.

The continuing lawyer-ing of the world...

After five students drowned while swimming in a reservoir in China’s Yunnan province, parents of two of them sued the reservoir’s management company, complaining that it should have posted signs or barricades or, even better, guards to keep kids from frolicking in the dangerous waters.

According to an August report, the management company has now countersued the parents, demanding compensation for the additional water-treatment measures it was forced to undertake because the reservoir had been “polluted” by their children’s corpses.

(The Shangaiist)

Prison is not enough

“Sexual assault” is certainly punishable in New Hampshire, USA, by prison time, but pending legislation assumes prison is not enough.

By House Bill 212, anyone who commits sexual assault while out hunting or fishing will also have his hunting or fishing license revoked. 

(New Hampshire House Bill 212)


Have a wry and dry weekend



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