Wry & Dry

Who thinks Trump is crazy?

Well, 58% of Americans do.

Which comes as no surprise to W&D, nor should it to readers.

What is curious is the number of Americans who ascribe particular (pre-chosen) adjectives* to each candidate.

How evil isWhat did surprise W&D was:

1.  that 33% of Americans think that Clinton is evil.  Very nasty.

2.  that only 22% think that Clinton is compassionate.  Very, very nasty.

3.  that 72% think that Trump is smart.  Nuh.

Trump did end up at Wharton Business School, but not in their famed MBA programme, but in a... real estate course.  Trump was admitted to Wharton after two years at Fordham University, a small Jesuit school in the Bronx.  The Wharton admission's interviewer was a classmate of Trump's brother.

Join the dots. 

Trump has repeatedly said that he finished first in his Wharton real estate class, but the university does not list him as graduating with honours of any kind.

Clinton graduated (with honours in political science) with a Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley (a female only liberal arts college).  She then went to Yale Law School, where she received a Juris Doctor degree.  W&D notes that she met a Mr William Clinton at Yale.

Perhaps Americans see business success, however achieved, as an indicator of intelligence. See the chart, where the rating for Trump (a businessman) as 'successful' matches that for being 'smart.' 

*A describing word.