Wry & Dry


Last words...it's a tie:

"Stop winning medals and bring me some grandkids."

- Jennifer Bolt, mother of Usain Bolt, after he won his third successive 100m sprint gold medal.

Just gotta use that DNA, man. 

"If humankind can put a man on the moon we can come up with regulations for motorised scooters."

-  Barnaby Joyce, Deputy Prime Minister, responding to news that the wife of a National Party Senator had been hit by a motorised scooter.

Nice to see that Barnaby used the gender-neutral term 'humankind'.   But, good grief, more regulation!  

And W&D is surprised that he didn't link Scootergate to either drought, flood or pestilence, thereby qualifying the injured party for a government handout. 

First Samuel client events calendar

Oct & Nov  FY-17 CIO Investment Dinner Series

Dennison Hambling

"Investing for the next three years"

Over 30% of clients' share portfolios have now been 'refreshed.'  

Hear how and why at one of a series of intimate client dinners with investment presentations by Dennison Hambling, First Samuel's Chief Investment Officer

Various restaurants in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula. Invitations upcoming.

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

In Florida's 'The Villages' senior community, Howard Sparber, an active 69 years, now faces several charges.

In June, he fired 33 9mm rounds into the home of a woman who had been declining his sexual overtures. (The lady was away.) 


W&D doesn't like his chances with the next lady in The Villages.


An ambulance was called in July when jockey Chris Meehan was kicked in the face by a horse and knocked out cold after he fell during a race in Merano, Italy.

But the arriving ambulance accidentally backed over his leg.   He is recovering. 

(The Racing Post)

A country life 

At England's premier agricultural event ("Great Yorkshire"), a winning show cow was stripped of her title.

She was suspected of having artificially "enhanced" udders.  

(The Northern Echo)

There goes the Olympic dream.


Have a wry and dry weekend