Wry & Dry

Idle young hands

With seven children on the balance sheet, W&D sees the effect that idleness has on young people.  One effect of which is computer games (see separate article).

Which is why a blend of paid and unpaid vacation/ part-time work is mandatory in the W&D Home Gulag.  

For the younger two, it's busking.  The older ones work in pubs, micro-business, call-centres or sports coaching.

But what if there is no work?  What do young people do when they have time on their hands.

W&D was drawn to a chart in this week's Economist.

Wasted youth

It seems that the youth in parts of the Arab world (loosely defined) are wasted.  A demographic boom after the 1980s exacerbated the problem, as did urbanisation.

Autocratic or theocratic rule hasn't assisted the usual economic forces to soak up the unemployed.

The take-away?  Well, readers could draw many conclusions from the chart.  But chronically unemployed young men, and this can be anywhere in the world, are often not very good at making wise choices.

Overlay chronic environmental poverty, autocracy and/ or theocracy then the problem becomes greater.