Wry & Dry

Follow the money

The long week of which W&D spoke last week seems to have become longer.

In fact, this year has been a long week.  And with one election down (okay, referendum), there are still two to go.

Not much has changed in the US.  Summer is underway, and news is thin.  

Locally, all the nonsense that we've heard over the past eight weeks is over.  The books of the bookies show that the Coalition has firmed to almost unbackable odds.

But, as W&D continues to point out, the whole is not the sum of the parts.  On a seat-by-seat basis the election is still too close to call.

Bookies odds on W&D column-inch favourites

Jacqui Lambie

Tasmanian Senator: firmed to $1.15.  Oh dear.

Pauline Hanson

Wannabee Queensland Senator: firmed to $1.35.  Oh Death, where is thy sting.

Derryn Hinch

Wannabee Victorian Senator: firmed to $1.45.  The Human Headline.

Glenn Lazarus

Queensland Senator: firmed to $1.75.  Will battle Ms Hanson for the last Queensland Senate seat.

Ricky Muir

Victorian Senator: eased to $7.50.  Back to Centrelink.  Again.

Chris Jermyn

Wannabee Liberal member for McEwen (Victoria): firmed to $5.50.  Might have won Labor's most marginal seat.  A disaster without mitigation. 

Sophie 'I want my seat back' Mirabella

Wannabee Liberal member for Indi: firmed to $9.  Should have got the hint last time.  Another Liberal party pre-selection disaster.

W&D's seats to watch

Bendigo - Lisa Chesters, possibly Labor's only loss, to Liberals

Higgins - Kelly O'Dwer, Liberal Cabinet Minister, may lose to the Greens

Batman - David Feeney, Labor Shadow Minister, may lose to the Greens

Barker - Tony Pasin (Liberal), may lose to Nick Xenephon Team

And the winner is...

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