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Brexit: Keep calm. To the polls. FY-16 investment results.

Never in the field of human affairs has so much been written by so many without the faintest idea about what they are writing.

That's how Wry & Dry views the media outpouring over Brexit.  Come on lads, everywhere, move on.  It's over.  Get a grip.   You cannot put the toothpaste back into the tube.

As for the Scots now wanting independence, they're welcome to it.  And watch their economy sink without trace to join the Loch Ness monster.  But, sadly, the leading Eurocrats have said the Scots have to exit with the rest of the UK.  And thus lose their massive EU subsidies.

EU subsidies

The various share-market's reactions to Brexit were fast.  But a week later, it looks like the Brits have adhered to their sovereign's motto: Keep calm.  And carry on.  The London stock-market is now 2.6% higher than it was before the Brexit vote.  Whereas the Europeans remain in a tiz.  See our sister publication, Investment Matters for a view of how the markets have moved over the past five days.

And the bigger story in London was England's football (i.e. soccer) team getting swept out of the European championships by that powerhouse of European football: Iceland.  Much gnashing of teeth.

But less so politically, now that Boris Johnson has pulled out of the race to become PM.  A smart move - he realised he couldn't run a bath (actually, what Pom ca.. oh, never mind), much less a political party.

The major reaction to Brexit has been economic.  And that includes comments from Cameron, Hollande and Merkel.

But W&D senses that each knows, as W&D also believes, that economics is not the EU's only game.  It's geo-politics.  The long-game is to keep Tsar Vlad out of Eastern Europe.  

Elsewhere, W&D ponders tomorrow's election.  And the gloomy and increased possibility of both Pauline Hanson and Jacqui Lambie getting elected to the Senate.

Also, as foreshadowed last week, W&D explains the possibility of neither Trump nor Clinton winning the US presidential election.

W&D also takes a look at Italy, a country in a bigger mess than Greece.

Follow The Money updates the odds on both the Australian and US elections, with Turnbull set to win tomorrow and Clinton on a roll.    

And, of course, Miscellany, to soothe your troubled mind.

Our sister publication, Investment Matters notes that the stock-market returns for FY-16 are in.  It's disappointing news for market investors, but good news for First Samuel clients.

And First Samuel sold another stock, increasing cash, see the details.  As well a company profit upgrade and other investment insights.

Read on, wryly and dryly.