Wry & Dry

  • 27th November 2020 Nov 27

    End of lease, Mr President. From Russia, with love. OPEC - the end?

    Trump may get the DCM from his Mar-A-Lago resort: he now cannot use it as a private residence. The council permit Trump signed in 1993, when he built the members' club, stated that he could spend no more than 21 days per year there. Back to New Yoik?

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  • 20th November 2020 Nov 20

    RCEP? Crown Cringe. Pelosi Ceiling.

    Strapped to his recliner, Wry & Dry is now beholden to the increasingly soapy soap opera called The Crown. With only the solace of a glass of Fever Tree bitter lemon, extravagantly diluted with Hendrick's gin, to dull the rising cringe-ometer.

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  • 6th November 2020 Nov 6

    Wisc what? China Hustle. "And you can take your job..."

    What sort of constipated political system throws up as candidates (a) a huckster and (b) everybody's aging grandfather; with a process that lasts for over a year; for an election where there is no national uniformity on voting; and where the outcome might be more about counting Supreme Court votes than voters votes?

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