Wry & Dry

  • 3rd December 2021 Dec 3

    The sky is not falling. The Haggis. Wot, no live feed.

    Moves are afoot for a Scottish currency. Clearly it would need to reflect Scotland as much as the euro reflects Europe's European-ness and the zloty Poland's zloty-ness. Wry & Dry can think of no better icon to represent Scottishness than...

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  • 19th November 2021 Nov 19

    Two old men sat down... The bribes worked. Tsar Vlad prods.

    Well, at least they're talking. The virtual summit between Sleepy Joe (aged 78) and Emperor Xi (68) excited some parts of the world. The meeting lasted three hours, apparently. How Sleepy Joe managed to stay awake or cognitive for that long remains a mystery.

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  • 12th November 2021 Nov 12

    Bumper issue: US inflation: be afraid. Francospheric. Politics that don't matter. Keeping Sleepy Joe alive.

    Macron de Gaulle's dummy spit has little to do with French submarines. It's all about projecting himself as chivalrous medieval (i.e. French) knight, gallantly battling enemies (Australia and America) in the name of honour and virtue (French pride), even as his noble steed (a $90 billion submarine contract) is felled.

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  • 22nd October 2021 Oct 22

    Is Barnaby smarter than he seems? Lockdown ended? Really? Prime time news.

    Barnaby's tactics, albeit divisive, do have a whiff of psephological merit. But this is smudged by (a) Barnaby's inability to clearly state what the Gnats want; and (b) PM Jimmy Morrison's rapid advancement to the title of the most dithering Prime Minister since Billy McMahon.

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  • 15th October 2021 Oct 15

    A well-stacked Victoria... Europe becalmed. Sub secrets.

    The climate change conference will be a wasteful talk-fest. Country leader after country leader will solemnly announce their country's fealty to Net Zero by 2050. Each knowing that their country will probably have at least 4 changes of government before then (Tsar Vlad, Emperor Xi and Sultan Erdogan excepted). So, what the heck.

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