Wholesale Investors

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First Samuel is well placed to meet the specialist needs of Wholesale investors and Not-for-Profits.

We understand that these investors do not need personal financial advice.  Their need is for a seamless integration of the other three critical aspects of wealth management.

To give you clarity.

We provide just one seamless service combining:

  • Investment management
  • Administration & reporting
  • Ethics & relationships

Each of these services is described in full elsewhere on this website.

Wholesale investors

There are specific rules governing wholesale investors set out in the Corporations Act.  Where an investor meets the requirements we can provide a package of the above three services without the need to provide personal financial advice.  If you are a wholesale investor, please contact us to discuss the requirements which will generally include an Accountant’s Certificate.


First Samuel understands that the needs of not-for-profits are different.  There is a special responsibility in overseeing wealth for the long term on behalf of others.  And the fiduciary nature of that responsibility requires the fulfilment of particular needs that may not apply to individuals.  These include a strong focus on governance, ethics and transparency.

Please see more in Ethics and Relationships.