Wealth Intelligence

  • Mar 14

    Self Managed Super Funds– all about cost. Or is it?

    The amazing growth in the number of SMSFs has led to a somewhat misleading campaign. However, it focuses on the wrong thing.

    What’s this not about?

    On almost every measure, SMSFs are easily the most attractive of the range of super alternatives for most investors.

    The only three possible exceptions are where ... Read More
  • May 28

    “How successful are our investments?” “Oops, sorry, dear. I don’t know.”

    How do you keep score of your investment success?

    Whether you invest in an industry super fund; a corporate super fund; with a stock broker; in an investment property or anything else, you need to know how successful your decision has been.

    You need to measure your performance and compare it to what you are trying to achieve, i.e. your objective.

    And a smart investment objective is one that has distilled the aspiration, as it were, down to a metric. That is, an objective that is readily measurable. Read More
  • Nov 14

    The cost of certainty: are annuities worth it?

    The recent volatility of share market returns has led to some aggressive media advertising for “annuities”. The advertising seems to aim at scaring self funded retirees out of the share market.

    What is an annuity? Read More