Wealth Intelligence

  • Nov 19

    Are you being served?

    Most companies in the wealth management industry have business models unsuited to serving their customers.

    Consider the Australian wealth management industry. The size and growth of which has attracted participants from related industries. Each trying to adapt an existing business model to their wealth management customers. Read More
  • May 6

    Where are the customers’ yachts?

    How commissions will once again line the pockets of the bad and the ugly.

    It is with some sadness that I return to the thorny matter of commissions in the financial services industry.

    The sadness is because I had thought that this corrupt practice had been ended.

    But for reasons that are, at the best, spurious and, at the least, unduly influenced, the current government wishes to re-allow commissions.

    I hope that by the time that this note is read, the position will be changed. But this is one outcome about which I am not optimistic. Read More