Wealth Intelligence

  • Nov 14
    The recent volatility of share market returns has led to some aggressive media advertising for “annuities”. The advertising seems to aim at scaring self funded retirees out of the share market.

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  • Nov 14
    I have recently found myself being cautiously approached by people who want to commiserate with me about the share market and its poor outlook, in light of the “dismal equity climate”.

    Notwithstanding the strong relative performance we have enjoyed (i.e. First Samuel shares v ASX), the enthusiasm I express for shares in response to these comments continues to surprise my well-meaning condolers.

    However, I do appreciate that without the benefit of historical context, this must seem an almost euphoric-denial response to most.

    So, with this in mind, I felt it was important to provide some more information to better explain my enthusiasm. Read More