Strategy & Advice

Find expert wealth strategy* advice

First Samuel simplifies Australia’s wealth management system.

It is difficult to manage by yourself the mass of regulations covering everything from superannuation through personal investments, companies and trusts; taxation; insurances and estate planning. And how these interact with each other.

It is also difficult to keep up with the constantly changing rules and what any changes mean to you.

It is also difficult to keep a handle on you and your families’ own personal circumstances and how all these regulations apply to you.

At First Samuel, we cut through the complexity and build a wealth creation strategy tailored to your individual needs. And that is simple.

It is achieved by experienced experts marrying the science of your circumstances and the rules of the system with the art of understanding you and your family’s personal needs. And how those needs might change.

The outcome

The outcome is tailored, ongoing and sensible advice that suits your long-term needs. That advice may cover superannuation, gearing, restructuring, cash flow management or budgeting. It might involve working with your accountant to ensure that all possible factors are considered.

You will be assigned an experienced and dedicated Wealth Strategist. This person will not only provide you with ongoing personal financial advice, but will always be available to discuss all areas of our service: advice, investment and administration.

You want long-term outcomes, but with flexibility to suit both your changing needs and changing regulatory requirements. It is simple: expert wealth strategy advice to suit you.

*The government calls it ‘personal financial advice’. The industry calls it ‘financial planning’. We call it Wealth Strategy, because it is more than just finance and planning. For us it is about your wealth and a dynamic strategy.