Strategy & Advice

It’s Sensible – to go from complexity to …Clarity

Australia’s wealth management system is a complex labyrinth.  It has a myriad of rules and regulations covering everything from superannuation to personal, company and trust taxation; insurances and estate planning. 

On top of that, the rules seem to be constantly changing.  What you need is clarity. 

First Samuel believes the sensible approach is one which cuts through the complexity and builds a wealth creation strategy tailored to your individual needs.

It is not achieved by:

  • Filling out an exhaustive questionnaire, which is fed into a computer and analysed by someone in a remote location 
  • Being pigeon-holed into a 'risk' category and having a formula determine your investments
  • Making your own choices based on that dinner party tip and choosing Blue Sky Minerals or Plummet Airways
  • Having a salesman push you into products that might suit your needs but certainly suit the salesman’s pocket
  • Choosing a deal that will ‘save you thousands in tax’

It is achieved by:

  • Marrying the science of your circumstances and the rules of the system with the art of understanding you and your family’s personal needs.  And how those needs might change.

First Samuel marries the science and the art of wealth creation to yield an individual and highly tailored service.

The science

The science involves knowing the details of your situation, including things like your income, assets, tax position, superannuation, trusts, cash flow, insurance and debt.

More importantly, it involves understanding how these elements work together and how each influences your long-term wealth.

Good wealth science also knows that the rules are always changing, especially in tax and superannuation, and keeps abreast of any changes and adjusts your strategy accordingly.

The art

The art of wealth management is really about understanding you; your personal needs and your attitudes. 

It assesses how you might respond to different circumstances and manages the sometimes sensitive issues that inevitably arise.

The outcome

The outcome is tailored, ongoing and sensible advice that suits your long-term needs.  That advice may cover superannuation, gearing, restructuring, cash flow management or budgeting.  It might involve working with your accountant to ensure that all possible factors are considered.

With First Samuel, your ongoing advice will be at least an annual review.  And more often if your circumstances require or the rules change.

We will develop a tailored Investment Program for your portfolio.  Part of the Investment Program will be defining your Investment Objective that outlines the return you hope to achieve in the long-term, after-tax and fees.

The Investment Program will incorporate not only your Investment Objective, but also the asset allocation for that portfolio, any investment prohibitions you may have and your tax circumstances.

Managing Tax

Because we understand your tax position, we can guide the investment team on the best way to optimise your long-term after-tax return.  Only by individual management can this be achieved.

Live well.  Sleep well.

The aim of our wealth strategy advice is to reduce the complexity and provide an Investment Program that suits you. One that will allow you to live well and sleep well.  With clarity.