Self Managed Super Funds

It’s Natural  – to move from constraint to …Clarity

You choose the car you drive. You choose the house in which you live. Shouldn’t you choose your own superannuation fund?

Choosing the wrong structure to manage your wealth could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement. With an industry super fund or public fund, you are just one of hundreds of thousands of members. Your investments are controlled by managers who are focused on their needs, not on those of you and your family.

You need clarity.  It’s natural that you want control over your hard-earned wealth.  That’s why we offer First Samuel Self Managed Superannuation.

First Samuel Self Managed Superannuation builds on government rules that allow individuals to have their own super fund.  This is called a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF).  Through a SMSF you have greater control over your investments and can determine the portfolio that best suits your needs.  If it's right for you a SMSF can provide both a better investment and a more flexible outcome than other alternatives.

First Samuel Self Managed Superannuation enhances the opportunities inherent in a SMSF.

We do this by blending the flexibility and individual opportunities of a SMSF with our wealth strategy advice, investment management and administration & reporting.

Superannuation fund types - which fund suits your needs?
Your Needs First Samuel Self-Managed Superannuation Basic SMSF Industry or Public Offer Super Fund
Control Yes Yes Limited
Tax Efficiency Highest possible Possible Limited
Investment by an expert Yes Maybe Maybe
Full integration of investment with advice and administration & reporting Yes Possible Maybe
Contributions monitored to ensure no limit breaches whilst optimising opportunity Yes Possible No
No CGT on move to pension phase Yes Yes No
Ability to borrow in super Yes Yes No
Ability to invest in direct property, including business real property Yes Yes No
Total transparency on fees and costs Yes Yes No
Total transparency of each transaction Yes Yes No