Investment Matters

Company News: Healius, Cardno, Paladin and Murray River Organics

Primary Health Care (now Healius)

Primary Health Care’s name was officially changed to Healius this week.  Its ASX code has been changed accordingly from PRY to HLS.




Cardno announced that it has re-financed and increased its bank debt facilities.  Its existing US$91.6 million facility has been refinanced as two three-year revolving facilities with a combined limit of US$193.75 million.  This increase in funding will provide the company with the ability to grow through acquisitions and organically by enabling an increase in working capital.




Paladin announced it will conduct a concept study to optimise mining and processing at its flagship Langer Heinrich mine, which is currently on care and maintenance.  The study will look to explore the potential for cost reduction, an increase in throughput and productivity, as well as the recovery of Vanadium as a bi-product.  The mine will continue to remain on care and maintenance in until there is a sustained recovery in the price of uranium.


Murray River Organics (extended small cap portfolio)

This week Murray River Organics announced its grower program, which will support the Sunraysia community and local growers while increasing the amount of dry fruit it is able to source.  The program offers improved payment terms and bonuses based on supply commitments from growers and the quality/varieties they produce.  Furthermore, the company has committed to a volume based donation to a charity elected by local growers to support the local community.