Investment Matters

Company News: Threat Protect and 360 Capital

It was a quiet week - not unexpected as we head towards reporting season.

360 Capital advised its FY-18 earnings are expected to be ~5.0cps.  This compares to 5.5cps for FY-17.  Drivers of this included lower returns from the Asia Pacific Data Centre investment, and delay in revenue recognition from the non-bank lending business.


Threat Protect, a security services company, released guidance for FY-19.   It expects revenue to be in excess of $17.0m, and normalised EBITDA in the range of $3.8m to $4.0m.  This is a significant step up (e.g. H1 FY-18 EBITDA was $6.7m and EBITDA $0.4m excluding one-off items).  This has been supported by acquisitions, as well as operational synergies as the company increases its scale.