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Incitec Pivot (positive impact) announced it will partner with Fortescue metals to study the viability of producing ‘green ammonia’.

Currently, the nitrogen fixation process that produces ammonia requires natural gas as an input.

The companies will partner to examine the feasibility of constructing a 50,00 tonne a year green hydrogen plant (i.e., powered by renewable energy) to replace the natural gas currently being used.

This is a positive step towards lowering both Incitec’s long term emissions profile and cost of production (with hydrogen likely to reduce the cost of ammonia production).


Innovate Access (neutral impact) conducted an equity issue last week – First Samuel took up its full rights.

The raising was conducted at a small discount (9%). Securities have been repriced accordingly.

Proceeds will be put towards funding ongoing operating requirements, as the company’s sales trajectory accelerates over the coming year. We have been very pleased with the progress the company has made with the launch of its Gimme business, the ongoing growth of Solv’d, and the continued strong performance of its NZ assets.

Innovate Access is planning to use the next 12mths to realise value through additional outside investment in the business.