Investment Matters

  • 11th June 2021 Jun 11

    Are we entering deal nirvana?

    In a world where money is cheap, private equity firms have been in a frenzy to snap up public and private companies.

    This week, three companies in client portfolios were thrust into the M&A spotlight: Intega, Cardno and Boral (with Intega and Cardno +13% and +20% respectively for the week).

    We take a look at announcements from the three “targets” this week and a broader look at how the potential for M&A is factored into your portfolio.

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  • 4th June 2021 Jun 4

    Macro matters

    The week came with a flurry of economic data, all of which pointed to the Australian economy continuing towards a better recovery than expected.

    We drill down into the numbers that mattered.

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  • 28th May 2021 May 28

    Japanese equities: then and now

    The land of the rising sun has also been the home of falling stock prices.

    However, over the last decade, we have seen a resurgence in Japan’s Nikkei.

    We look at what attracted us to Japanese equities and the reasons behind our recent tilt towards them.

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