Investment Matters

Company news: Origin Notes

Origin Energy, as expected, have advised that they intend to redeem the Origin Notes (ORGHA) on 22-Dec-16.  On this date, the face value of the note ($100 per security), plus the final interest payment ($1.43 per security) will be paid.

This has been, unusually for the Equity allocation, a quite short term investment at just under one year.  It has provided a good capital and income return over the period of ownership, and has been an excellent comparatively low risk investment.

The bulk of the securities were acquired in late Jan-16 and early Feb-16, with subsequent "top-ups" in March and May.  With an average acquisition price of $94.98, distributions of $6.12 and the return of $100 face value, the return at 22-Dec-16 will be ~13.7% annualised.

Origin notes