Investment Matters

What matters this week - fiscal year returns

Fiscal year 2016 is over.  And so we can provide a snapshot of how First Samuel clients have performed.

Please note that individual client returns will vary from the below averages because of different asset mixes, prohibitions, tax positions, etc.  

Clients will receive a 'flash' after-tax investment report at the end of the second week of July.

Clients' bespoke Investment Reviews will be sent in August.

Portfolio and sector returns

In a year when the stock-market returned just 2% (including dividends) all First Samuel portfolio types performed strongly.

Of course, all First Samuel client portfolios are individually managed.  But for performance presentation reasons we agglomerate them into four main portfolio types.

As you can see, each of the four performed above their benchmarks, and well above industry median returns*

The performance for portfolio types is shown after all fees and franking credits.

We also show performance of the constituent sectors, that is various combinations that make up portfolios.

FY 16 portfolio returns

Australian shares' performance v. the market

Sharemarket FY 16


*Chant West was quoting an expected 2.5% return for growth funds.