Integrated Wealth Service

Find all of your wealth services in one place

First Samuel solves your biggest problem: how to best manage the three disparate but critical components of wealth management:

  • Wealth strategy (i.e. personal financial advice)
  • Investment management
  • Administration & reporting

and all with an ethical overlay. 

In these complex times you cannot afford to have unrelated and differently motivated providers.

What you need is the convenience, simplicity and superior outcomes of one dedicated service provider. Where all the components work together to meet your needs. Where there is a unified strategy and a common approach. And a common ethical overlay to every aspect of the service.

First Samuel provides that one seamless service.

The benefit of the integrated approach is exemplified for clients with more than one investment entity: superannuation, individual, trusts, companies, etc.

You want one person to call. One organisation to be responsible. It’s simple: your wealth services in one place.