Integrated Wealth Service

It’s Simple - to move from confusion to…Clarity

First Samuel solves your biggest problem: how to best manage the four confusing but critical parts of wealth management.

We do this by integrating those parts into one seamless package.

We make it simple - to give you clarity.

You receive just one integrated service combining:

  • Wealth strategy advice
  • Investment management
  • Services & reporting
  • Ethics & relationships

In these complex times you really can’t afford to have disparate and confusing providers.

Your wealth is too important to have an advisor working for one company and the investments managed elsewhere. How would the investment manager know of your tax-management needs?

Your wealth is too important to have your reports and administration managed separately to your investments.  Who would you talk to when things go wrong?  What if you want a special report or your accountant has a query?  Do you really want to deal with a call centre?

Your wealth is too important to have your ethical and relationship needs diluted across three or four unrelated and separately-motivated organisations.  Do you think that a stand-alone investment manager is focused on you?  There is only one thing that is going to motivate that manager – and it’s not your needs.

Your wealth is too important to delay.  And there will be times when you will need a speedy response to an urgent issue.  Having separate providers only increases the likelihood of delays and confusion.


What you need is the convenience of one dedicated service provider - where all the parts work together to meet your needs.  Where there is a unified strategy and a common approach.  And a common ethical overlay to every aspect of the service.

You want one person to call.  One organisation to be responsible.  It’s simple - you want clarity.  So you can live well and sleep well.