WRY & DRY #44: The right to bear arms…

Borisconi may see himself as a latter-day Thatcher. His hair probably has as much product in it as hers. But that is where the comparison ends. Thatcher was never one for turning. Borisconi has changed wives/ girlfriends only a little less than he has changed his mind. And like him, formally, simultaneously maintaining more than one wife/ girlfriend, so too he can simultaneously maintain more than one position on any single principle.

Wry & Dry #43: The Sky Is Falling…

Australia has arguably the world’s most diverse and abundant supply of energy, with the exception of Tsar Vlad’s empire. But somehow, this abundance has gone pear-shaped this week

Wry & Dry #42: 3 June 2022

It wasn’t a successful trip. Emperor Xi’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Wang Yi, had booked an all-expenses paid tour of eight sunny, friendly Pacific Islands. The factor 50 sunscreen and Emperor Xi-emblazoned budgie smugglers had been packed, and the Out of Office message switched to ‘on’.

Wry & Dry #41: 27 May 2022

Notwithstanding all the money spent, all the hours worked and all of the collective thinking, the Teals were so successful in the election that they failed.

Wry & Dry #40: 20 May 2022

Wednesday’s 4% fall on Wall Street was not caused by the rumour that so-called ‘Teal’ candidates had formed a political party and might win a majority in tomorrow’s Australian election.

Wry & Dry #39: 13 May 2022

Finland is expected apply to join NATO next week. NATO will accept. Tsar Vlad will get grumpy and rattle his rusty sabre.
Whilst NATO’s current borders with Russia are tiny, Finland adds a further 1,340 kilometres. Thus, Tsar Vlad’s desire to curb the expansion of NATO by invading Ukraine has achieved the exact opposite, and gone down his gold-plated toilet.

Wry & Dry #38: 6 May 2022

The Chief Teller of the Reserve Bank didn’t fall on his sword, as he might when he raised interest rates by 0.25% points on Tuesday. After all, he did say last year that rates wouldn’t rise until 2024. Only missed by, well, two years.

Wry & Dry #37: 29 April 2022

With headlines normally reserved for the death of a princess (or the marriage of one), the media feverishly leapt on Wednesday’s news that Australia’s inflation hit 5.1%, the highest since, well, the last time it was this high.

Wry & Dry #36 22nd April 2022

Wry & Dry chose sorting his sock drawer over watching the first election debate between PM Jimmy Morrison and Wannabee PM Albo. And having read the media reports on the wordfest, he senses he made the right decision. And is moved to ask the question, “Is this is as good as it gets?”

Wry & Dry #35: 8 April 2022.

For O’Bama, it’s always been about O’Bama, forget anybody else in the room. For Sleepy Joe, gotta hang in there, old man. No matter who actually makes decisions for you. Just gotta last until November 2024.
Kamala Harris has the removalists on standby.

Wry & Dry #34: 1 April 2022

Solomon Islands? Where? Not since former Minister Julie Bishop, Cinderella-like, lost a left Jimmy Choo shoe somewhere in London has there been so much activity in the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Wry & Dry #33: 25 March 2022

The polls are showing that Jodie Haydon will soon be measuring up the curtains in The Lodge. But Jenny Morrison likes living in The Lodge, and so she has given Jimmy the task of winning the election. Jimmy cannot possibly go home to an unhappy Jenny. What to do?

Wry & Dry #32: 18 March 2022

The Chief Teller of the US central bank hoisted US interest rates by a modest 0.25 of a percentage point. But no-one in the US is asking the US government to save them from this inflation. There are no demands for tax cuts to relieve ‘cost-of-living’ pressure. However, Australia is not only in another hemisphere, it is also on another planet.

Massive bumper Christmas Issue. Wry & Drys of the Year.

Wry & Dry looks back at a year highlighted by the suffocating imposition of Chairman Dan’s view of freedom and PM Jimmy Morrison’s ability to never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity to show sound judgement. There were also Princess Princess, Barnaby, Croesus Turnbull, Macron de Gaulle, Borisconi, Emperor Xi, Tsar Vlad, Sultan Recep, […]